"A shoe is like a sculpture. Its construction is not limited by measures. There are details that can only be seen by a trained eye. This specific know-how is today detained by a few bootmakers." 

Walter Steiger

Steiger Bottier is the heart of the House. It is important, in this temple of excellence, to take the time to sit down and feel the soul of the House. The made-to-measure creations are an alliance between the dream of the client and the craftsmanship of the Steiger’s bootmakers, infused with the heritage of Walter Steiger and his identifiable timeless style.  The workshop revives with the utmost respect the traditional techniques of bootmakers. Its creations are hand-made with meticulousness and a sincere will to reach perfection in the gesture and choice of the materials.

Authenticity and simplicity are what make Steiger Bottier a place out of time where reigns the intense concentration of its bootmakers and more importantly their passion for their craft.